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Hey! You forgot me!!

That’s Isaac’s favorite line lately.  And you’d think it was true. How could I forget about my little Monkey starting school again?


Well, we’re two weeks in, and he’s doing all sorts of well. I was right to push for the integrated room. Seriously right. The teacher sends home notes that he’s had a great day…and we’re all gearing up for the first field trip.  Yes, the teacher said it would be low key..but come on. First times are first times!


So, as per tradition, I took my little Monkey on the first day of school, being SPECTACULARLY late to the first staff meeting of the year. Yeah. I walked in during Mass. (Remember..I work at a Catholic school..) Nice, huh?


But I also did one extra thing this year. I took a photo. This is the last year that Isaac will be at this school. We’re all gearing up for the tears in June, because it’s been one heck of a ride…but we’re not thinking about that now…


So, here’s my Monkey on the first day of school…

Isaac on the last first day of ECEC-Look at that grin!


See? Who could even think of forgetting that face.


September 16, 2008 at 10:54 am 1 comment

Day 1

Yesterday was official move up day at ECEC. It’s quite the chaotic affair…kids moving into new classrooms, new kids taking the spots that the old kids vacated…it’s just one 30 minute disaster.

So,yesterday, I decided, because Isaac was one of those moving kids, that I would do a pick up and drop off. I knew it was chaos today, and I didn’t want the staff to have to deal with his “you forgot me!!” stuff that he’s been pulling when we try to go places without him. It just wasn’t fair, as I had a feeling that there would be lots of tears from other kids and lots of crap attacks from other kids…and they don’t need Isaac to have those. Trust me.

So, I didn’t let him take the bus. I think this was more for me than him. Really, I do.

I’m totally having a hard time with my baby moving up to the “big kid” room, and doing real pre-k things. I’m having a hard time with my baby moving from the room he’s been in (with 5 different teachers) for 2 years and over across the hall.

Isaac on the other hand, is the picture of adjustment. No fits, no accidents and he just loves to be in the Kids’ Caboose, as the teacher in there calls the room.

Wonder what the next few weeks will bring. I hope it stays good…

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Nothing says “thank you” like a roll of duct tape.

So, here is the offical end of another school year for Isaac. With this, comes the annual discussion/purchases/ect about how to say thank you. The school sends out a list, and this year’s list was the usual end of the year stuff…contact paper, batteries, printer cartridges, blank cd’s, ect. I swear there were some cleaning products, but I forgot the list when I went to Target Boutique, and had to rely on my memory and Doug’s memory.


Stop laughing. It was not my preferred strategy. I’m not trusting my overtired, over caffinated brain,a nd my husband’s lack thereof.

So, I head off to Target, with a game plan in mind.  I grab a cart, knowing one of the items is on the larger side…and start my shop. I head over to the first item we both agreed to grab. Duct tape. Yes, they asked for DUCT TAPE. So, I’m standing over the duct tape thinking “this is just how I wanted to thank the awesome staff in this room for 2 years of dealing with my son. A roll of duct tape.” So, I call Doug.

The conversation went something like this:

me: Ok. I dont’ know if I can do this duct tape thing. It just seems so wrong.

Doug: Why?

Me: This is JUST how I wanted to thank them for putting up with Isaac for 2 years. Thanks! Here’s a roll of duct tape! Nothing says “THANKS!” like a roll of duct tape!

Doug (Laughing): Ok…but duct tape is totally useful!

me: I know, but there’s got to be something else on the list that we can add to this. I just can’t give them a roll of duct tape…

Doug: Ummm..I know there were blank DVD’s on the list and batteries.

me: I hate getting batteries.

Doug: WELL??

Me: wasn’t there snap on lidded containers of any size?

Doug: I think so.

me: So, I’m also thinking I saw baby wipes?

Doug: Definately.

Then the phone cut out. Dang Target.

So, I grab a plastic tote, a huge pack of refill wipes and then I toss in the duct tape.

I guess that’ll do. It’s hard to say thank you to people who have made such an impact on not just one small 4 year old, but with everyone he interacts with, from neighbors, to friends to everyone else in his crazy world.

So, I guess in truth, nothing says “thanks” more than duct tape that will maybe help another kid and family.

June 19, 2008 at 9:37 pm 1 comment

Teacher presents achieved!

So, Thursday, Doug and I were wandering around the one local mall-you know the one with LL Bean. As we walked, we were debating 2 things…first-do I go into the Christmas Tree Shop and get those paper lanters for my craft/study, and second,w hat the heck are we going to do for those 6 teachers?

We first had this great idea for movie gift cards and then some popcorn, but as we found out, no one, but no one is doing 5.00 cards! Cripes…a movie at said mall at night is 10.00! This is why we go to the one by our house. It’s significantly cheaper.

So, we’re wandering around, talking it over, debating, and who knows what else…and we stumble by Bath and Body works. They are having a SALE. Now, anyone who has been by a Bath and Body works sale knows that when they have a sale, they have a SALE.

So, we’re wandering around the store and wandering around the store,a nd we stumble upon the “item of the week,” which was the Wallflowers– right in our price range…5.00 each, and in a variety of scents!

So, we grabbed 6 of them…one for each teacher, in 6 different fragrances. We’re including nice notes, and if they want to swap fragrances, tehy totally can.

So, we got something that works for us. I”m beyond thrilled.


Now, to wait for the dang list of what they need for the classroom!

June 7, 2008 at 2:52 pm 2 comments

Last night, at Isaac’s school function…

He was greeted by his new Speech Therapist A, with the battle cry of “Hi BUDDY! JULY 7! YOU AND ME! YOU’RE MINE!!!!!”

No, she’s not ready to get her hands on him and get him all squared away in the other classroom!

Last night’s parent function was all about “eating healthy with your kids” and how easy it was to eat whole grains, sneak veggies into your child’s diet, ect.

Doug and I kept whispering to each other “Well, Isaac will eat that…we don’t have to hide that…”

It was quite the surreal experience, when other parents were saying “my child will NEVER eat that..” and here we are with the eat everything child.

So, on the way home, Isaac was eating his 3rd pinwheel chunk (whole wheat tortilla, cream cheese, spinach and carrots), and I broke out a bottle of diet citrus green tea. I started hearing muttering in the back seat, but couldn’t make it out…and the muttering got louder…and more intelligble…

until I finally heard it…


so, I turn around and see the big grin…and pass back my tea. Give him a few seconds and then ask for it back…

and this is how the conversation went…

me: “can I have my tea back?”

Isaac: “this isn’t tea. It’s a drink.”

Me: “Fine. Can I have my drink back?”
Isaac: “No. I’m drinking it!”

Figures doesn’t it?

June 5, 2008 at 7:16 am 1 comment

Why buy when you can make it?

Last night, I made a trip to Linens n things, because the store by my house is closing. I figured I’d get some good deals for the craft/study and possibly pick up a cheap set of twin sheets for the Monkey.

WELL, right now the basic sale is 10% off. Yeah, not so good.

Especially when I wanted a few floor cushions for the craft/study because I study best on the floor. Yes, I’m weird that way. Y’all should know that by now.

I found an awesome floor cushion…

Here-no, I was not purchasing pink. I was purchasing the “kiwi” color to go with my room. Well, at 10% off, not such a hot deal, so I decided to head over to Target. Nothing that I wanted there, except I found the sheets were cheaper…even not on sale…so, at a loss for my floor pillows, I wandered into JoAnn fabrics, where I figured I’d at least get some inspiration…and just generally wander around the store for a few minutes.

WELL, what do I see when I approach the fabric section? SOMEONE GETTING NUBBY MINKY CUT! Alas, she was getting PINK minkee cut. Ick. Pink, puke, blah, ick. She also had a green knd of “stripey” minkee. So, that made me wonder…if there was puke pink colored nubby minkee, there had to be a few other colors. So, I wander back and lo and behold…I find GREEN NUBBY MINKEE!!!!!!!! Oh, for joy! For joy!

So, I grab the bolt of fabric…and grab 2 throw pillow forms…and they’re big-and it’s a 2 pack!

and get 2 yards of fabric cut…and off I go…

and while I’m wandering around with the bolt of fabric, I run into a woman who was pretty blah along with me with the prices in Linens n things. She was wandering around JoAnn too…and asked if I was going to MAKE the pillow covers-and I told her I did..and she was floored. Especially when she found out I was just your average run of the mill barista-almost-nursing student, and not a professional.

So, today, I’m making minkee pillowcases for my floor pillows. Woohoo!



A short request here-

One of Isaac’s schoolmates died on Monday. He was in one of the other classrooms, but they often combine for special events, and Isaac did know him. He had been fighting several conditions since birth, and was put into hospice care late last week. Monday, very early, he became the heavens’ newest star. His Mom and Grandparents can use all of the prayers, love and all of that good stuff sent their way that they can get.


June 4, 2008 at 7:51 am 1 comment

How do you say “Thank you”

This is my question of the past few weeks.


With Isaac’s time in his current classroom coming to a close after 2 years, how do you really thank the staff in there? I know they ask for classroom gifts, but putting up with the Monkey’s trailer trash for 2 very long years seems to require something a bit more special for each teacher/therapist.

So, I’m totally at a loss. Here’s the rundown of who I need to get things for:

1. Head Teacher T. She’s amazing, and she’s a first year teacher going back to Grad School to get her Master’s. She’s amazing. Just absolutely amazing…and she’s kicked Isaac’s tush from here to Kansas…and he loves her.

2. Speech Therapist C. She’s been with him for 2 years…and he loves her…and she’s really taken him from nothing to verbal spewage. Isaac adores her. We hear her name non stop.

3. Occupational Therapist P. Another 2 year survivor with Isaac. They’ve got sort of a rocky relationship, because she’s as tough as nails, but really knows what she’s doing. She makes him WORK. She’s made amazing progress with the little weirdo and has really backed us up on some things…and was severely left out to dry by the other 2 at one point, and I still feel terrible about that. But, she’s amazing.

4. Aide S. She’s another one we hear non stop about. She’s really good and is a coffee junkie. She’s new to the room this year, but has really made an impact on the little Monkey.

5. Aide D. Came in at the mid way point of the year, but really is a doll. We love her to death, even though she can be a bit scatter headed. She really knows how to make Isaac stop his garbage…and do what she wants him to do.

6. Aide MJ-She left for back surgery mid way through the year…and Isaac STILL talks about her. She was with him from the moment he entered the school…and he still wants to see her and show things to her. The kick is he talks and talks and talks about her at home, but blows her off at school!! What a kid! She won’t be back until September, possibly. It depends if her doctor will clear her-it was back surgery. We miss her dearly…she is just…well…MJ. They can get things to her for us.

We’re not doing anything for the Physical Therapist yet, because she’s got one more year with Isaac, as she’s the only one in the school.

so, that’s 6 people who we really need to say thank you to.

I’ve gotten the idea for gift cards…but where to? What for? What else?

How do you adequately say thank you to someone who has changed your child forever, for the better?



June 3, 2008 at 7:57 am 4 comments

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