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Amazing customer service…I think I may faint!

So, last week, I decided to surprise a friend of mine who is going through a smidge of a rough time (she fell down some stairs and reallllly did a number on her arm, right below her elbow.) with one of the cool beans keychain sock blockers from Knitcellaneous

I ordered it, and the owner emailed me within a few hours to tell me she would ship it the next morning. I wanted to make sure that the invoice got left out, because it was a gift, so I emailed her back…and we exchanged 4 emails discussing what kind of card to put in, ect.

This was the most pleasant exchange I’ve had from a customer service outlet in oh, weeks! Woohoo!

So, if you’re in need of a cool sock blocker, a shawl stick, or some other neat stuff, go check them out. They completely rock!


May 31, 2008 at 5:58 pm 1 comment

Buttinskis-they’re not just random people in public anymore!

So, today at work, I was telling my wonderful Learning Coach that I would MAYBE bring Isaac in for a drink later. It just depended on how well behaved he was while I was gone and me having 5 seconds to sit down and talk to Doug so that I could see if his behavior warranted a “coffee trip.” (We’ve been having issues at school. He’s been in “turd” mode for the teachers. I’ve got my theories on why, but I’m not rewarding poor behavior at any turn. Not a chance.)

So, let me put this in perspective. I was LEAVING work. I was on the other side of the bar and getting a drink to go home with (Oh, and btw-you all MUST try the blended strawberry lemonade. YUMMMY. Just have them go easy on the strawberry, or it will taste all wicked sweet and tooth shattering.), and another barista overhears my conversation, and has no idea that Isaac calls Starbucks “Coffee” because of his language delay (and that’s even going away-but I digress), and went off on this tangent about how no child should EVER have caffine, and how I was this horrid parent for giving my child caffine and how although it MAY do what I claim it does (calm him down…which it does. trust me-this kid drinks my drinks-because he’s stolen them- and then sleeps a full 9-10 hours! Caffine truly has no serious effect on him!!), I’m just so wrong to do this.

She even had the nerve to say “Far be it from me to tell you how to parent…”


Yeah, then shut up. Like I told her. This is my parenting choice, and I’ll do what I think is right for my child.

This conversation was NOT with her…and she was only making my drink. She needs a grip.

Now, I”m still taking the boy out for drinks. He was a gem for Doug and was really good yesterday. Who knows what he’ll ask for, but I intend to get whatever he wants for him. Reason? I promised if he was good, Mommy would take him for coffee-which means-we’ll take a ride to Starbucks so he can get a drink.

Basically what all of this boils down to is this:

You parent your child the way you want, I’ll parent mine the way I want. Don’t offer unsolicited advice, because I sure know I don’t.

Maybe I’m a bit indulgent in some ways, maybe I’m a bit too strict in others…but it works for me, and us as a family.


Really, I do love my job. I love pulling coffee…and making weird, random frappucinos. But buttinski co-workers? Not so much.

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Friday Fill ins, 5/29/08

1. For me too much conformity is the opposite of creativity.
2.Water for Elephants was the last excellent book I read.
3. I like fill-ins because They’re a blast and it makes my addled brain do a bit of thinking.
4. In nature I like looking at blue skies and whispy clouds.
5.Anyone BUT John McCain should win the US elections.
6. The last time I laughed with all my belly was The last time Isaac picked up Poor Furball and brought her into his room and tucked her into his bed.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to getting my room moved in, tomorrow my plans include Working starting at an indecent hour and then coming home and hopefully not bouncing off the walls from all of the caffine and Sunday, I want to get my socks done for dueling club before my partner gets them done-man..competitive knitting!

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The Short list of things

Because my brain is filled with…well, you’ll see when you read the list…I’m doing a bullet post.


and I’ve got so much more in the Saga of Laura vs. Old Navy. I’ll tell it when I can calmly discuss how stupid they are.


so, here goes the short list:

  • Working at the Big Green allows me freebie coffee. Lesson #1 of that…do NOT drink 5 caffinated beverages in one day while training, no matter HOW boring the “sit and read this manual” is.
  • Drinking 5 caffinated beverages of teh VENTI size causes insomnia.
  • Pepsi Co. is stupid for discontinuing Undercover Orange Sierra Mist.
  • If you want to know the difference between a wet and dry cappucino, I can tell you..and I can make you one too!
  • My “learning coach” at the Big Green is awesome. We (the two of us who are training at this store-there was a 3rd, but she no showed yesterday)think the world of Alyssa. I think so much of her, I’m making her a pair of socks
  • on that tip-does anyone know where I can find some really cool “Barista Green” sock yarn?
  • Yet another piss note was sent to Isaac’s school.
  • Why would you put spare clothes on a child from the “spare” cabinet when they have their own? Yeah. I don’t know either. Hence the previous bullet.
  • My mom rocks. For lots of reasons. Just know she does. And if you meet her, tell her so.
  • The “green room” is ALMOST put together. I’ll put together a slide show when I can, showing the transformation from spilled Latte brown to Desert Cactus Green!
  • I came home smelling like espresso last night.
  • Yes, that’s an occupational hazard.

Ok. that’s it for now…and I”m off to knit socks. I need mindless!

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Can I please bitch slap Old Navy?

Good lord, here we go again. There has GOT to be someone who has it out for me this time from Old Navy.


So, after knowing that I’ve got this package intercept on, I check the UPS shipping status. Umm..NO PACKAGE INTERCEPT IS ON THIS SUCKER! It’s being delivered, oh, tomorrow.

Enter yet another screaming phone call to Old Navy, where I have to repeat the entire story from the top for yet another poor customer service associate…and I tried to avoid this, becaiuse I asked for a supervisor. I told the poor soul who intercepted my phone call that it was not their fault and I felt that at this point, since I had been through 3 CSA”s, I needed a supervisor.

So, after having to repeat my story a 4th time to this person, I get a supervisor, who I have to tell the entire story to a 5th time.

Do we all see where this is going?

Well, Manager asks what I would like to see happen. I told her. Plain and simple. At this point, since I’ve tried to cancel the order 3x, and was given bad information, and nothing was ever done appropriately, I want my money back. I don’t care where the stinkin package is, I don’t even want to know. I want the $46.75 back in my account NOW. I don’t care what it takes, just stinkin do it.

So, she goes on and on about how she can give me a credit for next time (what the last CSA did…which went to a 15% discount on my next order. Whoopie.), and they’ve refunded my shipping, but ther’s nothing they can do until they have a package back in hand, and why don’t I just accept the package and return it at the store?

UMM…the last CSA told me I couldn’t do that. They told me what I bought was online exclusive and I was not allowed to return it to the store.

See Laura tear out her hair. See Laura attempt NOT to throttle manager through the phone. See Doug remove Isaac from the loft so I could have at this woman in private.

So, she asks me what my nearest store is. I’ve told her 3x that it’s on XXXtown Road. We go back and forth over the sematics of the city name…East Nowhere versus Scummy City. We live on the border. It’s 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other. If we use E. Nowhere, we get the good school district.

So, she finds the store and makes a call to the manager there and has a chat with her. They claim I can return the stuff there tomorrow. Yeah. sure. I’ll believe that when it goes well. I have a feeling that this will go horribly wrong because of what’s happened here.


So, the manager now tries to appease me after I’ve told her about the bonehead…and the comment that I didn’t post here, about “Oh, I thought you had Tourette’s Syndrome”, as I gave him words to make the “sound aline consonants” in my order number clearer, as well as the other 2 CSA’s who gave me bad information and didn’t set the package ntercept properly.

She says:

“Will 5.00 off your next order make this right?”

Lord. That won’t even cover shipping! No, this isn’t going to make it right. Just credit my card back for the money I spent and let me go on my merry waym and know, that this year, after Christmas, when I make my usual flurry of online orders of stuff for Isaac and myself and Doug on clearance, it’ll be in the store, and NOT through their website…because, I hate to say it, I’m addicted to their clothing.


So, we’ll see how things go tomorrow. It’s not nice to mess with a highly caffinated me. I’m still slightly buzzing from all of the caffine I downed today


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Do the customer service Gods hate me?

Maeve’s answer when I asked her this question? “Yep.”

So, here’s the latest in my ability to find every..stinkin…bad customer service rep in the 48 contiguous states.


So, working at the Big, Green Coffee company that is Seattle based-and yes, to those who have asked…Free coffee is seriously involved here…including the drinks. Holy moly!-I needed to get some clothes that fit in dress code. Ok. Fine. So, I figure the best plan of action is to dive on line and order from a few well-known companies that I’ve had great luck with in the past-Old Navy and Target.

So, the target order goes off without a hitch. I even get some points for my MyPoints account. No biggie there! Woohoo!

Then, I move onto Old Navy. I order and figure things will go as smoothly there…well, that was Monday.

I’m waiting and waiting and waiting for my email that says that my stuff has been shipped, and it never comes. This is not usual for Old Navy. So, on Thursday, I call them, and I get Dweeb brain on the phone. I explain the situation and ask if he knows when it will be shipping, because if it doesn’t ship that day, I need to cancel the order. Dweeb Brain stops listening and says “I put an expidite notice on this, and it should work..” I said “I never asked for an expidite. I just want to cancel the order, because it’s not shipping today,and…”

Well, Dweeb Brain cuts me off and the most annoying conversation ensues, because he starts going on and on and on about how he can’t do anything but what he just did because it’s in the 4-7 day window. WELL, let’s think about this. I ordered Monday with the hopes of having everything by Friday/Saturday. That’s the way Old Navy rolls, Usually. Well, with the holiday, this isn’t happening, and without shipping on Thursday, that blows their 4-7 day window out of the water totally. So, I get so frustrated, I hang up on the guy. I call back 10 minutes later and get a totally helpful girl, who puts in a notice to cancel the order, because she said it wasn’t too late. She said I would get an email and the money put back on my card.

So, I went off to the Old Navy store by the house and got everything I needed in one shot. It was a serious jackpot hit! Woohoo!

Well. I never got the cancellation email. So, I call back today.


I get a sweet gentleman, who informs me that the order HAS SHIPPED. What the…

and I still haven’t gotten an email.


Well, I tell the gentleman all about Dweeb Brain as well as the nice lady who helped me later. He about hit the floor…especially because the note said “Customer requests expedited shipping.”

No, I did NOT request expedited shipping. I requested an ORDER CANCELLATION, which he saw from the 2nd call. So, he tries to find the cancellation, and lo and behold, there it is. It just got to the distribution warehouse just too late.

So, now, we’ve got a package reroute on this sucker from UPS, so we can intercept it and get it back to them. I’m not keeping ths, and they will pay to send it back to them because frankly, I called with plenty of time to cancel this sucker…and argh.

I swear…between Home Depot lady and this, I swear the customer service Gods hate me.

May 23, 2008 at 10:09 pm 3 comments

And what does Booger say?

Isaac and I were leaving the house the other day to go and run an errand…and this is the conversation that happened as we were pulling out of the driveway.

Isaac Bye, Lucy! Bye home! See you later! (Lucy is our neighbor’s cat. VERY sweet cat…puts up with Isaac, and actually pals around with him..) What does Lucy say?

Me: Ok..what does Lucy say?

Isaac: Meow, meow!

me: What does Furball say?

Isaac: Meow, meow! What does Booger say?

me: What DOES Booger say? Meow, right?

Isaac:No! Booger doesn’t say meow!  Booger SQUEEKS!

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