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Anyone got a box?

It’s almost March, and it’s 7, yes 7 degrees. That’s the most insane number I’ve heard in years. I think that I want a box so that I can be shipped back to the NORMAL climate of Los Angeles. Good Lord, I hate Upstate NY.

I’ve pulled out of school, save for one class and a workshop that I need to get my teaching certificate reinstated. To tell the truth, it feels soo good. I’m only in class one night, and I just go there, do the work and go home. there’s not really a lot of thigns that need to get done for that class, and it’s pass/fail. How much easier can you get?

Work is work. My assistant is going on vacation this week. Maybe I’ll miss her, maybe I won’t.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am truly going to fire Isaac’s EI Sp. Ed teacher. What happened this week was the ultimate last straw. One of Isaac’s comfort things is to suck on his fingers. He doesn’t do it as much as he used to, and we’re just not the least bit concerned about it. Terry (His teacher) has decided that he shouldn’t suck his fingers anymore. Gee. He’s not even 2!!! She’s been pulling his fingers out of his mouth and has asked Audra to do so and to inform the other staff that they should do so as well. How did I find out about this? WELL, Audra told me after Demetra and Ashley informed her that first, I wasn’t concerned about it, and 2nd that I really should know what’s going on. Did Terry leave me a note? NOPE. Did she call me about it? NOPE! I’m not happy. I’m amazingly livid. I figured after the last fiasco with this woman, she’d learn that she had to talk to me first and then go to Audra, because I WILL hear it. Thank goodness we’ve got the IFSP meeting coming up. I was originally going to keep Terry just for some back up, to get Isaac services 3x/week. But, if this is the kind of service we get from her with lack of communication, getting my day care director irritated and making my son’s primary day care caregiver freak out with her demands and get all upset, this is not the kid of service we want. Patty, the speech therapist is staying,but I can’t, in good consience, keep Terry after all of this mess. I just can’t see her workingout with our family. it’s even worse, because I know all of the laws, ect. I’m just beyond upset at this. This whole situation even trumps the garbage at work.

Now…about that box…


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the one with the explosive poo

First, let’s start with the good things!

Now, I have the 2nd season of dark angel (a show no one in this house likes but me..I adore the show!!) and the Electric company! Woohoo!

Now, on to the title of this.

We have a kiddle who is on an antibiotic, yet again
She had to have her clothes changed 3x…because of the title thing. She leaked out of 3 diapers. All over her pants, onesie and shirt. 3x. GROSSS!!!!!

I dont’ think you all want any more of the gory details.

I’ll save the “please let me sell you the infant 1 room” post for later in the week. It’s only tuesday.

Now, I’m going to thwart he leave it to beaver marathon going on in my living room and replace it with Dark Angel, season 2. Wanna watch Max and her mutant buddies kick butt. I can’t handle one more run of the “record club” episode of beaver!

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tote bags and socks and mall trips, Oh, my!

Thank heavens for 3 day weekends. I really have needed this.

First off, I pulled out of most of my classes for the semester. I can’t handle more than working full time and one class, and being a mommy. It just doesn’t work. On top of this, Doug has accepted a 3-11 position at a local rehabilitation hospital, because, wtih the shift differential, it’s just amazing money. Plus, they do a larger shift differential for weekends! It’s sooo sweet! It’s hard to ask my parents to pick up Isaac 3x/week from day care. It’s easier to ask them to work with me for 1 day.

On top of it all, I’m just getting really sick of my assistant. She’s just obnoxous. I’m in the middle of things, and I get exasperated sighs when I can’t answer her questions or make a small mistake. She makes HUGE ones and I just kind of let it roll, and she gets all hot and bothered. Ummm Hi. you are the assistant. I think I’m going to bring it up at supervision. I can’t work like this. When the other head teacher is in the room (who is also her SIL-kinda sorta…long story) she’s FINE. Otherwise, she refuses to talk to me. I swear…if anyone wants me to sell them this room, it’s right there for the taking! Dont’ get me wrong, I do love my job. I love my boss, ect. But this assistant is driving me insane!

So, on the knittng front, I finished my marsupial tote from Stitch n’ bitch! the directions say to put a snap on it, but I’m thinking of making an I-cord and putting a button on it. I figured that it would look sooooo awesome. My tote is purple and black, because the colors in the book were HIDEOUS. Hot pink and hot orange? can you scream “LOOK AT MY HAND KNIT BAG!!!” any louder? I’m really shocked at how fast it knitted up. Gotta love those large needles.

Now, I’m scoping for another project. I’m avoiding the socks. I’m not in love with the yarn. I’d rather be dong my camo socks for me, but I have to do them for this exchange. SOOO, I cast on the socks last night. *sigh* I wish, wish, wish, my sock buddy would love the self striping yarn like I do. I could so go for making a pair of opal socks. BUT, I’m workng on lorna’s laces mother lode. *sigh* I think next is going to be a beaded hat. Or, maybe I should get cranking on Maeve’s gloves and order yarn for Margot’s hogwarts scarf (POA style). I think I’ll do those as soon as the socks are done. The gloves will knit quick, and the scarf will take FOREVER. I’ll do quickies first and then go for the long one.

Yesterday, Kate came over with Ray. That was an absolute blast! Isaac and Ray are a good match. We went to Johnny Rocket’s and then went to Build a Bear for Kate and Ray’s first time there! Isaac got a new kitty, and Ray got a bunny in overalls and a cowboy hat. We wandered around Crossgates for a while and even got new hooded towels at pottery barn kids. Those are actually reasonable. We tried to have names put on them over at Mugs and More, but they were sooo outrageous! They wanted 17.00 to do it the same day! 12.00 if we could take regular delivery. Ummm. No. So, they have plain towels. Ray has a dinosaur one, Isaac has a puppy to add to his blue beetle towel. I almost got Isaac a turtle, b ut he chose. (He’s doing well with the pointing choices. Really well!) I think he knows that turtles are mommy’s favorite thing (and frogs) so, he wanted to rebel and do something different! That’s my kid!

Well, two more days to go! Daytona 500 is today, and I think we’re gonna do pizza. I’m going to visit gram today, and I have to find a place so I cna get her a suncatcher for her window. Shouldn’t be too bad. Wonder if Michael’s has one. hrm….

Thank goodness we’ll have a low kid count this week. Thank goodness!

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said to me upon my return home from drop in knitting…

“I’m getting us wendy’s, because the McDonald’s that i ate yesterday gave me the McShits. I had the McFarts until this afternoon.”

when I asked for a clarification, I was told this:
“When you get the runs from McDonald’s, you get the McShits. Anywhere else is the Tijuana trots.”

enough said.

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I hate working full timeand going to school.

I hate it, hate it, hate it.
right now, that’s all I have to say, because my head is splittingand Ineed a HUGE glass of something alcoholic. Like Christina Yang on Grey’s anatomy says: I need liqour. Lots and lots of Liquour.

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The socks have begun!

I joined this Knit along, so y’all will be seeing updates on my progress here and there intermashed with the other things I post here.

So, this knit along is called Sockapaloooza, and it’s off of hte “blue blog” that this woman does. It’s quite interesting. My sock pal asked me for no self striping socks. I was kinda sorta bummed, because I’ve been SOO into the opal rainforest collection, So, I got over myself and got some of this AWESOME Lorna’s laces called “Mother Load” and it’s just beautiful. This yarn tends to pool and spiral, and NOT stripe. hey. this is as close to a boring variagted as I get. I got a new sock pattern, and I figure I’ll give it a try. I’m already cast on,a nd now, I’m slipping stitches onto the other DPN’s.

Being a weirdo, I got some lorna’s laces for me. Not the bumblebee that I wanted to go with my hufflepuff scarf, but some camo yarn so I can make myself CAMO socks! I figure those would be absolutely hilarious. BUUUUT, before I get going on those, I owe Maeve some of those Lace up fingerless gloves from Alter Knits. Plus, I owe Sue some stuff (and a surprise for her little Rhynn) and Amanda something cute for Livvy. Man, I’ve got a LINE UP!!! But, it will all get done! LOL!

SOOO, to my sock sister- muahahaha! You are going to LOVE your socks! They are so soft and wonderful and pretty! I’d wear them!

and to the person who is making socks for me- THANK YOU!!! I can’t wait to see them!

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Another yuchy day

You know, I swore I thought Dr. Fast would forget about this little matter of the C in counseling theory. She keeps wanting to meet with me. Argh. I know what she’s going to say. She’s going to yell at me and tell me I can’t get another low grade. You know what, she can do that by email! I already told her that I’m aware of the ramifications of a C. She needs to get a serious grip, and leave me alone! ARGH.

But again, we had a screaming day in infant 1. I need several stiff drinks and earplugs. I’m so sick of new kids screaming all day and stuff. BLAH!!!

Save me. Save me…

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