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Isaac’s school is awesome. The teachers, the principal and the support staff are phenomenal, even with the issues that I have with the OT and PT staff. It’s why I signed on to be a room mom for Isaac this year-I figured that it wouldn’t be too bad, and my co-room mom, Amy is a joy to work with. She coordinates the parties, I do the rest-like gifts, sending out all of the emails, ect. It’s an awesome team.

Last week, the first grade team sent home an “end of year” picnic form, and I got to emailing the parents to bring things in. Normally, Amy would handle this, but hey-she’s in the middle of a move (and I can totally empathize) and has a million boxes all over God’s green Earth in her house and she can’t find her way out! So, I took over on this one. No biggie!

The items on the picnic list:


ice pops

juice boxes

ice and coolers

(and the usual clean up items-they’re heading to a park!!)

No biggie! I got most the items signed up for in one shot. I ❤ the parents in my room this year!!

I figured we were all smooth sailing until….

this email came flying through from the “School Spirit Committee”

Hello Homeroom Parents!
Thank you for all that you have done to support our school this year.  On Monday, 6/20, in our A-Z countdown, the students will receive an “x-tra special treat.”  As we have in the past, we are hoping to serve sliced watermelon to the entire school.
If you are unable to purchase, and/or deliver SLICED watermelon to the school on this date,  please feel free to “recruit”  another parent in your child’s classroom to do so.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and support of the Rosendale School’s A-Z countdown.  Have a great summer!
Excuse me?
Provide and deliver sliced watermelon? Recruit parents?
I began to SEETHE.
Here was my carefully controlled response:
That is the day the first graders are having their picnic with watermelon. I don’t know that the first grade is 1) going to want more watermelon and 2) we can ask parents to deliver a second, sliced watermelon. Do you have any alternatives to watermelon?
It took them 11 hours to get back to me with garbage.
Ice pops?
fruit snacks?
Really? That’s not a treat! They’re having ice pops in the morning!
And fruit snacks? No. Not happening.
So, why am I seething here?
First off, I don’t understand WHY we, as room parents are being required to provide something we had no hand in planning nor did we budget/bargain for at the beginning of the year.
Second, being asked to “recruit” parents (their words, not mine…see above!) at this time of the year is just not cool. All of us are tapped out. We’re done. We’ve given (especially this group who has done a baby gift for Mrs. J, and a SIGNIFICANT donation to the local food pantry in honor of Mrs. V (the TA)’s son who passed away unexpectedly during the school year.) generously to each of the causes that was tossed our way. I don’t see why a “school spirit” activity needs to be foisted back on the parents. I’m not comfortable with that.
I’ve emailed Mrs. M for her suggestions as well as sent an email back to the “committee”-it is 2 people-that’s hardly a committee-telling them exactly what I think of this whole thing, in a very controlled way. Considering one is a teacher I might end up with for Isaac in 3rd grade…I don’t want to be too mean here.
At this time of the year, when all of us are going insane in one way or another getting ready for summer, with under 2 weeks left in the year to ask for this, is just mind blowing.
School Spirit Committee- You’ve GOT to be kidding me here!

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