I went to the movies and…

June 13, 2011 at 11:01 am 1 comment

I sat in front of some of the most obnoxious people ever.


I have this track record at movie theaters of getting in front of the most idiotic people on the face of the planet. I swear. I must have a “IDIOTS SIT HERE!!” sign over my head pointing either in front of or behind me at almost every movie I go to. I don’t know what it is.  My knack for sitting in front of the idiots dates back long before movies were extremely expensive to go to. Doug and I still joke about the one time that we went to a movie and we sat in front of this group of ADULTS and they yakked through the previews (not a problem) and then continued their yakking into the first 10 minutes of the movie, where the final straw was when the one woman blurted out, extremely loudly, “I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THOSE LAMPS!!!’

That was when I lost my snot. I turned around and let her have it.


so, this trend has never stopped.


Saturday, Doug and I went to the theater to see Super 8. I needed to have a bit of a day off from a lot of things that have been swirling around here. From work to summer plans for Isaac to my conference plans for the summer, it’s been a whirlwind of intense activity. I was already on low tolerance, and I figured that Super 8 in all of its retro-ness, would be a fairly easy going audience.

Therefore, I was not in any way worried about the two teens and their adult guardian plunking down behind me.

Yeah, I should have been.


Now, the teens were teens. I was expecting their adult guardian to keep them in line. Yeah. No such luck. She was just as bad as the two of them. She spent time having conversations with both boys and then when she was asked nicely by the gentleman sitting one seat over from me to please pipe down, she got nasty, but got quiet.

10 minutes later, she decided it was high time to hand out the snacks she had brought with her to the theater.

Now, I’m all for bringing your own snacks, because theater snacks are massively overpriced. BUT, please do so in a quiet, non intrusive manner! SERIOUSLY!!

What I heard behind me was the sound of a TRIPLE BAGGED load of snacks from Hannaford being unleashed on the two teens. The sound of crinkling plastic in my ear almost overshadowed one of the key moments of the film.

It was then I lost my snot on this woman. I whipped around in my chair (and since you couldn’t see my glare in the darkened theater) I said to her:


“I didn’t pay to hear crinkling plastic bags. Stop it now.”

She stopped dead in her tracks, and got all snotty and put the bags down. One of the teens had the nerve to start talking to her and I whipped around again and shushed them.

Not even 3 minutes later, the gentleman one seat down whips around and says, loudly to one of the teens,




So, after that, we didn’t hear a peep or a movement out of any of them. I think they were afraid that we’d get the theater personnel to kick them out.  One more thing, and I honestly would have gone and gotten someone.


See? My bright arrow shines down again. I hope it doesn’t do it the next time I’m at the movies.


But seriously-Super 8 -all I can say is  OH MY. Very well done, awesome film! Go see it!


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